Wishing You a Happy Holiday 2013

So here we are, the holidays. Things have been so hectic lately, as I imagine it is around most everyone’s house. I did want to wish everyone a happy holidays, no matter what you celebrate may you enjoy your friends and family. And if you can’t enjoy your family usually, well a little alcohol can help with that.


The image is a Victorian scrap image I embellished. I found it at http://thegraphicsfairy.com/. She has so many wonderful pics there. I just love her diy projects too!

Thanks for stopping by and ’til next time… ~Kells

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Inspirational Thursday- Don’t Wait – Hill

When it comes to doing something, especially like change or trying to follow a dream, it seems like so many things get in our way. Doubts, fears or excuses are just a few things that keep us from taking a step forward. If we can get past all those negative things holding us back, there is such potential to be/do/have amazing things. Push past the crap and take the step forward, you’ll be happy you did!

Image altered by me. Original image by Hubble Space Telescope. PLEASE do not use it without my permission!

DontWaitHill_Carina Nebula Caterpillar

Oh and I didn’t forget, we did have the finish to the contest that was going on. The winners were announced on Facebook on 11/3: Twisted Heart Pendant and Earring Set – Krissy Rouse Higgins, Mobius Flower Chainmaille Earrings – Ninos Coninos, Purple Skull Resin Ring – Pat Bright, $25 Gift Certificate to our We3 Creation’s Etsy store – Amanda Bowhay. Congrats to them all!

Even with the contests wrapping up, the wonderful craft fair for the Pattison Volunteer Fire Dept (who were such awesome people I might add) and real life, I have had some new stuff that I’ve posted up on Etsy.

There is this chunky chainmaille bracelet I made. It would be perfect for a guy or a girl who loves attention getting jewelry. I have one similar I wear often and get compliments all the time. The Celtic Visions Chunky Bracelet, Black/Gunmetal/Frost can be found here.


Some of the other sparklies include several pendants and a really cute pair of earrings. They can be found up on the Etsy store.


I have more in the works as usual. Also have some great holiday stuff I’ll be posting soon that I’m very excited about! Stay tuned here or our Facebook page which has many more sparklies, announcements and some funnies that aren’t posted here! Like us already damn it! 😉

Also, if you like my Inspirational Thursday pictures or any of my sparklies I’d love it if you’d leave me a comment and let me know!

Thanks for stopping by and ’til next time… ~Kells

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Week 5 Giveaways

Week four came and went. The winners were announced on the facebook page on Sunday. Congrats to Katy Hancock, Kim DeRidder and Patricia Bright. This week we don’t have another little monster like Peppermint Patty to give away but we have other prizes that are just as awesome. This week there are four prizes for four lucky winners…



The four prizes are: Twisted Heart Pendant and Earring Set, Mobius Flower Chainmaille Earrings, Purple Skull Resin Ring and a $25 Gift Certificate to our We3 Creation’s Etsy store.

This is it, the last week so ENTER HERE!! This could be your lucky week.

Here are a couple more pics of the prizes for your viewing pleasure…

TwistyHeartSetArt2 Week5GiveawayMobiusFlwrErng PrplSprklSkullRsnRngHnd



We are busting our arse’s off trying to get things prepared for the next craft fair this next weekend. Trying to arrange, tweak and add to make a pretty presentation. I know I’ll get there, I just stress until I do. Having mild ADD and being a perfectionist is a pain  really difficult at times like this. Thankfully I write lists….lots and lots of lists. Anyone else do this too?

Thanks for stopping by and ’til next time… ~Kells


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Inspirational Thursday- Present Moment-Tolle

Today’s inspirational quote is by Eckhart Tolle. Basically, a “stop and smell the roses” sorta quote, but still very wonderful nonetheless.

(Photo was taken as well as altered by me, so PLEASE do not use it without my permission!)


Last couple of days, new stuff has gone up in the Etsy store, mainly pendants. Here is a preview of a few of them.


These and many other wonderful creations are up for sale. Go browse or even buy them here.

There is only a few more days left of the Week 4 Contest! There are three prizes going to three winners. Go and ENTER HERE if you haven’t already!

Next post should announce the winners of this contest as well as announce Week 5 Giveaway prizes. It’s the last week so there will be several wonderful goodies given out! So, come back to see what you want to win.

Thanks for stopping by and ’til next time… ~Kells

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Week 4 Giveaways and Halloween right around the corner OH MY!

So the week 3 giveaway is over! Miss L. Jobber won the Emma bracelet and Urban Unrest won the Dark Blue Skull, CONGRATS! Now we are starting a new week and another contest! Week 4! With THREE prizes this week for THREE winners! WOOT! Here is a pic of the three prizes…


First prize is this adorable monster! It’s name is Peppermint Patty. NJ made it from polymer clay and it IS glow in the dark!


Next, is a pair of beaded cross earrings made by My Shadow. She made them using some lovely black luster czech glass beads. The earring hooks are hypo-allergenic for those with sensitive ears!


And lastly, is the Pretty in Pink Ring. It’s a shimmery pink with a faux diochroic look to it. The cabachon used was hand cast by me.


The giveaway will be open from now til Sunday at midnight (CST).

Go ahead and ENTER to win here!!

We’ve had a few new things up in the Etsy shop. A few pairs of earrings, a ring and many pendants…

10_21_13ErngRng 10_21_13Pndnts

You can check them out and buy them on Etsy. There will be more added in the next couple days. And I also plan on getting a new image put together for Inspirational Thursday. Still trying to put together a post about our craft show- it was a …..well I’ll call it a learning experience. Tho the people at the fire department were wonderful, it was just a rainy day and that is always difficult to get people out in. We are also trying to work on tweaking stuff for the next craft fair on the 2nd of November. Oh my, and I haven’t even put up creepy decorations in front of the house! Next thing I know it will be December 31st, where does the time go?

Thanks for coming by and ’til next time…~Kells

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Week 3 October Giveaway…Silver Snowflake Bracelet and Dark Blue Skull Pendant

Week 2 Giveaway winners have been announced and they are Lisa Ridgely Parkinson and Nino Coninos! Congrats you two! This week we have more prizes, another two to giveaway to another two winners. Week 3 prizes are 1) an awesome dark blue skull pendant that has glow in the dark eyes and 2) a beautiful multi colored beaded bracelet with a fantabulous silver snowflake button closure. Is fantabulous a word? I hope so, if not then it is now! Here are some pics of these prizes…

10_13GiveawayBBrcltNSkull BRainbwSlvrSnwflkBttnRck 10_13GivewayDrkBluSkullCmbo

In the last photo, you can see the skull pendant during the day and in the dark.

Go ahead and ENTER here!! You could be one of the next winners!

We have put some new stuff up in our Etsy store. Several pendants, a few rings and a set!

We have a really cute That’s Ms. Witch To You Pendant that is up now. It’s green, purple and awesome! Who can resist a lovely witch riding a broom?


There is now a shimmery Purple and Green Bat Ring for sale. It’s creepy enough for Halloween but could easily be worn anytime of the year.


Next, is this creepy cool Glow in the Dark Spider Pendant and Ring Set. It has some serious glow to it. It would make a great addition to just about any costume. The first pic is of the set in the daylight, second is taken in the dark.



Another piece that would be great with any costume, but you could also wear it with a jeans and tshirt if you can’t dress up on Halloween, is our Glittered Googly Eye Resin Pendant. Yes, most of the eyes still wiggle around!


This next pendant could be worn anytime, not just Halloween. It’s an amazing design, drawn specifically for me by a very talented artist. It’s a Pink Kamikaze Kitty Skull Crossbones Pendant!


And last but not least, this ring can also be worn anytime. The Soft Pink Faux Diochroic Ring is very elegant and catches light at every angle. I honestly can’t capture the beauty in pictures.


Now that Saturday’s fall festival is over, I have ALOT to post up on Etsy! Some is for Halloween and alot of it isn’t! So stay tuned! Also, we will be having two more contests after this one ends. Yep, FIVE weeks of contests! Many prizes up for grabs!

Thanks for coming by and ’til next time…~Kells

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Week 2 October Giveaway…Green Butterfly Ring and Hope Bracelet

Last week’s giveaway wrapped up. Karen Cooper was the winner of the purple dragon phone charm! This week is already going and there are TWO prizes/winners this week! Here are some pics of these beauties…


One winner will get this beautiful, green butterfly ring…


Another winner will win this lovely Hope memory wire bracelet…


I just love the pop of green on the ring, it’s a very vibrant color. And there is a bit of sparkle to it as well. The bracelet is in honor of breast cancer awareness/month but it can easily be worn year round!

What are you waiting for, go enter to win one of these prizes here.

I will post a few new things on Etsy this week, but with the fall festival this next Saturday the shop will be on vacation starting Friday night thru Sunday morning. I will be out at the Rolling Hills Volunteer Fire Dept. Fall Fundraiser on October 12, 2013 starting at 9am-6pm.  There will be arts/crafts vendors, a raffle and BBQ plates sold benefiting the fire dept. The festival is located in Hempstead, TX so come on by and get a head start on holiday shopping.

Thanks for coming by and ’til next time…~Kells

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Inspirational Thursday- You’re Alive- Sugg

Today’s quote just felt like it needed to be said today. Sometimes life feels overwhelming, kicks you in the pants, and makes you feel downright awful. But that’s ok, because you are living to see another day and sometimes that’s enough.

(This simple image was made by me, so PLEASE do not use it without my permission!)


We put some new stuff in the Etsy shop this week. These darling earrings, Candy Corn Resin Earrings, are so sweet and cute.


And several rings also went on the site as well. You can find them in our Etsy shop. They are very sparkly and shimmery. Any one of these rings would make the perfect addition to a Halloween costume!


Also,  we have just TWO days left before  our dragon charm contest winner is picked. Will it be you? The only thing you have to do is like our Facebook page, it’s that easy! Just a reminder, this is the lil dragon you could win….see? Isn’t it cute! Enter here.


I am still busting my back trying to get tons of stuff finished and ready for the Fall Fundraiser. I’m nervous but things are starting to come together. Working on getting things made for Etsy still too. Come back next week, we will have an all new item to give away, for the week 2 October giveaway!

Thanks for coming by and ’til next time…~Kells

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Week 1 October Giveaway….Purple Dragon Cell Phone Dangle

We love October! The beginning of cooler weather, the festivals, pumpkin everywhere, and HALLOWEEN!! Ah, the month that is pure awesome. So we decided to celebrate all these wonderful things by having a contest. It’s very easy to enter…the only thing that is mandatory is checking out or Etsy shop and telling us what your fav item is. Yep, that’s it! If you want even more entries you can always like our Etsy shop or our Facebook page. And if you already subscribe to our blog that’s another entry.

This week, our winner will get this very cute, purple dragon cell phone dangle made by NJ out of polymer clay. It’s so adorable!  It does have a universal plug and will fit most phones. Here are a few pics of it.



Go ahead and enter to win here….

I’ll have an Etsy shop update in the next few days. We have new stuff up! 🙂

Thanks for coming by and ’til next time…~Kells

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Inspirational Thursday- Reach for the Heart-Angelou

Today’s quote is a inspiring quote from Maya Angelou. The image I used is not mine, but one I find such unique beauty from Hubble Space Telescope. It is of NGC 602, where the center is newly formed stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud region. Sometimes I get lost for hours looking at the beauty in those pictures. Anyways, here it is altered with some filters and what not.

(The original photo was not taken by me but was altered by me, so PLEASE do not use it without my permission!)

Young stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), one of the closest galaxies to our Milky Way.

Still working on getting pendants/charms for the upcoming festival done. They are coming along slowly but surely. Here is a preview of some sports ones that will be pendants, there are some that aren’t pictured that will be beer/wine markers…

Photo Sep 20, 12 04 48 PM

Here is a preview of some fun “other” ones. I’m really digging the card suit ones, might make those into a bracelet…

Photo Sep 19, 5 22 37 PM

Also we still have some Halloween stuff up already in the Etsy shop. Here is a few of the rings we have available at the moment. Many of them can also be custom ordered in colors to match with a costume.


I have some really cute NEW designed rings that I will be putting up in the shop very soon. There are some really cute Halloween themed designs. So please stop back by and see them. Also, if you haven’t already go ahead and like us on facebook. There are some updates on there that aren’t seen here, as well as fun, happy pics that are posted from time to time. We try very hard NOT to spam your page like other pages.

Thanks for stopping by and ’til next time… ~Kells

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