Etsy Shop Update 6/28/13

Seems like this week went by pretty fast. I guess I sorta expect it to and more so in the upcoming weeks counting down to vacation. The shop will stay open but nothing will be sent out til after I get back. There is still a little less then a month away from the day I leave, but I will post more reminders and maybe do a sale before I leave. On to the good stuff…new sparklies went up in the Etsy shop. I also re-posted a few things too.

Purple Heart and Handcuffs is a fun pair of earrings. They are naughty and chic at the same time. The purple is dark and shimmery and make a great backdrop to the little handcuff charms.


This pendant is so fun and perfect for summer and the beach. Bright Seashell and Sand Pendant has real seashells and beach sand embedded in jewelry resin. It has a smattering of glitter for a sparkle cause you can never have too much of that!


Bright Seashell Sand Earrings are a wonderful match to the pendant above or would look great by themselves. If you would like to buy both the earrings and pendant together, I would let them go at a discount. Contact me thru Etsy FIRST before you click the buy button tho so I can make adjustments.


Mommy and Me Bracelet Set is so cute I almost wished my daughter was little again so we could wear these together. The multi-colored bracelets would go with almost any color outfit you would wear, giving you and your little princess plenty of opportunity to match.


Last of the newly posted is this sarcastic pendant, Screw “U” Pendant. It’s quirky, funny and some people won’t get it, but that’s ok you know and you can just smile at them. And no, I wasn’t angry when I designed this. I just have an odd and wicked sense of humor. The “U” image I used is my design so you will NOT see it anywhere else.


Now for some re-posts. Be the envy of your next party of Girl’s Night Out with these Leopard Print Wine Charms. They are so cute, I made some similar for myself. I could also do custom orders with a short word like “Diva” on top of the leopard print. Or maybe even a combo of words.


This next group of pieces are a great mixture of different styles. The first (top left) is a cute but still very pretty pendant. Hot Pink Double Heart and Bow Pendant, has glittery hot pink hearts with a lovely gunmetal bow. Next (top middle), is a really great comic book pendant from Lady Death. The Lady Death Comic Pendant has real comic book pages on both front and back. A layer of jewelry grade resin tops both sides for durability and protection. On the top right side you will see one of my favorite pendant, Double Skull with Rose Pendant. The pendant is simple yet pretty. Midnight glitter is embedded on the bottom then the skulls image is placed on top of that. All this is in layers of resin. Next, is my Natural Beauty Necklace (bottom left). This piece signifies the beauty all around us in everything, from nature to even ourselves. We just have to look and we will see it. In the bottom middle is a fun necklace, my Steampunk Machines and Gears Necklace. On top of a vintage piston image  are gears and watch parts with a layer of resin on top to seal and protect everything. The chain that the pendant hangs from has gears making the chain as well as hanging from the chain. And last but certainly not least is this ring inspired from the the Great Gatsby, Fun Art Deco Red Lady Ring. It is on the chunky side so it will definitely get you noticed! I just adore the art deco style.



About we3creations

I design jewelry for We3 Creations, a great little Etsy shop that has all different styles with something everyone can love. I'm the mother of two very amazing teenagers who love to keep me busy. I love to cook, especially baking, read and create crafty things in general. I am obsessed with music, art and addictive tv shows. I try and live each day as best I can, it is a blessing.
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