Etsy Shop Update 6/21/13

There was a few items put up in the shop in the last few days. Organizing, finishing, creating *sigh* way too busy with not enough hours in a day. Suppose that’s life tho. The collaborations Nj and I have are coming along. I don’t think either one of us realized that the time it would take to put together pieces that were polymer clay and resin both is double what it would be if it was one or the other. That’s alright tho, the pieces are coming along fabulously. We are hoping to have some up on Etsy next week. We also found a supplier that has niobium ear wires. If you have sensitive ears or are allergic to the “cheaper” ear wires/studs then these are going to make you happy. Niobium is a physiologically inert metal which causes it to be hypoallergenic. This metal is wonderful enough that it is used in many medical devices including pacemakers. It is a rare that people have reactions to it. I’m pretty sure I’m going to start using these ear wires more in my creations. The ear wires I have been using are for sensitive ears as well so no fears about that, I just love the look of the niobium ear wires a little better I think. Now on to the pretties…

First piece that was added to Etsy over the last few days is this lovely pair of earrings. By the Sea are a pair of mixed media earrings. I took a hand made textured paper and then inked this beautiful blue onto it, giving the earrings a very organic feel. Cultured pearls and czech glass add sparkle and the ear wires are made of niobium.


Keeping with the nautical theme of late is this wonderful Underwater Seahorse Pendant. I hand painted a high quality brass bezel then embedded a small seahorse, bubbles, glitter and beach sand to make this very unique pendant. The fairy ribbon has a brass toggle clasp and is included. I don’t get to make this type of pendant often, but the last one was bought within the hour of posting it on the facebook page. Snatch it up if you want it.


This next piece is a fun piece for those who love to travel or just adore anything that is très chic! The Vintage Eiffel Tower Postcard Pendant is made from a vintage postcard image and then sealed with resin. There is also a little sparkle here and there for added pop.


Last but not least is a romantic and sweet pendant, Love Birds Pendant. This is another image that came from a vintage postcard, this one features two sweet love birds in their nest. Isn’t it precious?


I’ve still been working on finishing the pieces I have on my work bench. Every time I think I’ve gotten some progress done, I find MORE! That’s a good thing I guess, means more stuff that’s made which means more art out in the world. The idea of that makes me happy.

Also working on another tasty recipe post for next week. *fingers crossed* I should have some jewelry to show that I’ve made and hopefully some collabs as well. Come back or better yet  follow us here and on our facebook page, We post pics and works in progress we don’t always post here so follow already!

Thanks for coming by and ’til next time…~Kells


About we3creations

I design jewelry for We3 Creations, a great little Etsy shop that has all different styles with something everyone can love. I'm the mother of two very amazing teenagers who love to keep me busy. I love to cook, especially baking, read and create crafty things in general. I am obsessed with music, art and addictive tv shows. I try and live each day as best I can, it is a blessing.
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2 Responses to Etsy Shop Update 6/21/13

  1. LaLindaArtStudio says:

    Thanks for the visit and sweet comment. I love the birdies. I’ll have to pop in to your Etsy shop and spread some love. Wishing you much success, Linda

    • we3creations says:

      Absolutely, I admire your work a great deal. It’s beautiful. I don’t work in clay but I very much appreciate your art. Thnx so much for the kind words and wishes.

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