Sparklies and a Tasty Coffee Syrup

So starting off the blog today will be the recipe I’ve been talking about. I found this recipe by Farmgirl Gourmet for “Homemade Cinnamon Dolce Latte” and let me just tell you even if you don’t make this into a latte, it’s divine! I have to make this pretty often around here, because everyone likes to add a few tablespoons to their coffee. It’s super easy and costs ALOT less then the ones you get at the coffee shop. Normally when I make it, I store it in the fridge in a mason jar. I also put the date on the lid, since it’s supposed to last about two weeks. It never lasts long enough to know if it spoils past that or not. Trust me and make this, it’s totally worth it! While you are at Farmgirl Gourmet’s blog, check out some other recipes. She makes all of her recipes look down right TASTY!


As for the sparklies this week on Etsy….these little Diva charms were added. They are super cute and could be used for a pendant or on a bracelet, very versatile. There is a purple, blue and black one.


A few pendants went up this week as well. The first one (top left) is a beautiful pendant for anyone who wants to show their support of breast cancer. Hope Angel Pink is feminine, sparkly and has a lovely angel. Next on the top right is a cute Double Red Heart pendant. I didn’t make these hearts out of resin on this one, but they are SUPER SPARKLY and cute! And lastly (bottom), is a fun pendant called Kiss Me Lips Pendant. Depending on how you turn this one in the light, you will see fun lipstick print or a handwritten Kiss Me plea. It’s girly and sparkly.


This week some really cute rings were put up on Etsy. First (top left) is a sparkly Red and Gold Glitter Marble ring. It has many layers of glitter so every move of your hand will shine and sparkle. The top middle ring, Gorgeous Resin Ring – Neutral Color, is hand cast by me and is very versatile. There are several different colors of metallic mica suspended in resin, very pretty. The third (top right) is a fun Teal with Pink Confetti Marble Ring. The teal is sparkly and the pink is large confetti pieces, it’s too cute! The bottom left is also fun, Bright Blue with Silver Stars Marble Ring. It’s sparkly, has thin confetti and silver stars, what more could you want? Ok, maybe a kitten but that might make your hand tired! The next ring (bottom middle), is really interesting. The Queen of Hearts Marble Ring, reminds me of something the Queen from Alice in Wonderland would wear. And lastly (bottom right) is a very feminine Off White Rose Resin ring. It is another that is hand cast by me and is perfect for dressing up or down.


And remember to like us on Facebook and Pinterest!! Should have some more pieces next week, tho having Teen 1 and Teen 2 home for the summer, kinda slows me down. So does the sinus headaches that have been turning into migraines. *sigh* Damn weather! I’m trying to get as much of the projects on my studio bench done as I can. At the end of next month I’m going on vacation, so things will be quiet and the shop will go on vacation as well. I’ll give a few more heads-up reminders as it gets closer.

Thanks for coming by and ’til next time…~Kells


About we3creations

I design jewelry for We3 Creations, a great little Etsy shop that has all different styles with something everyone can love. I'm the mother of two very amazing teenagers who love to keep me busy. I love to cook, especially baking, read and create crafty things in general. I am obsessed with music, art and addictive tv shows. I try and live each day as best I can, it is a blessing.
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2 Responses to Sparklies and a Tasty Coffee Syrup

  1. artsygenius says:

    I love the sparkly squares. My first thought was that they were scrabble tiles, but it looks like they’re a bit bigger maybe? I just made some scrabble jewelry an posted to Etsy last night, funny we’ve both been thinking along similar lines (mine are mixed media with paper, rhinestones, etc.) Here’s a picture

    • we3creations says:

      Thank you Elise! The sparkly diva charms are scrabble pieces!! haha How funny that you posted some last night. Thank you for sharing yours with me. Yours are very pretty! Love and favorited them.

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