Wine Charms, Rings, Earrings and… Shoes?

This weekend the family got to go watch Iron Man 3. That was fun, I enjoyed it but wish they had made the character of Mandarin be a little bit closer to the comics. Made me kinda sad he was just a drunk, addict patsy. I will say that Ben Kingsley was AWESOME in that role tho. To see him play something different from his usual villain or very strong character was fun. I guess this movie was more about Tony dealing with what happened in the last movie and coming to grips with the fact that being a super hero is more then just being shiny and showing up for pictures. They all have to go through that in some form right? Yes, even with the few things I wished had been different I really did like it. Robert Downey Jr. is just perfect for the role.

Even tho we did get out this weekend, I did get a few things done and a few more started. I’ve been working on getting them up on Etsy. Here’s what I have so far…

Some AWESOME, if I do say so myself, earrings called Sinner and Saint. These are sorta an extension of one of my tattoos I have, an idea I’ve had for some time. Sometimes we all have that angel and devil sitting on our shoulders.


These wine charms are based on another movie out recently. Great Gatsby is such a delicious and decadent movie and these images are just so fun I had to make something from them. These Art Deco Ladies Wine Charms also have some sparkly Swarovski crystals in coordinated colors.


This ring is super fun and bubbly. It’s shiny and sparkly and PURPLE!! It’s here


This is a pretty wicked looking skull and crossbones pendant. The Rockin’ Skull and Crossbones are a marvelous shimmery blue black and it has sparkly red eyes. The eyes are very sparkly but the rest is very subtle. The combo makes it very striking.


And now for the shoes….yep shoes! I don’t normally upcycle/modify/etc shoes cause normally it is a pain in the butt but I ended up making two pairs. One was for me, Transformer ones, and this pair which I’m not quite sure what I’m gonna do with them. They are upcycled and are totally adorable! These are my Nerd – Gamer Gurl Heels…


They have all different types of gaming icons applied on them. Mario, Xbox 360, Nintendo, Ratchet and Clank, FF, Kratos, Skyrim, Halo, Need for Speed, World of Warcraft, Borderlands, Assassin’s Creed, Star Wars, and several more. The heel is painted a gorgeous black sparkle. They sure were fun to make. I wish I could wear them still. What do you think? Leave some feedback 😀

This has gotten a little long so I’ll post more in a few days. Thanks for dropping by and ’til next time…~Kells


About we3creations

I design jewelry for We3 Creations, a great little Etsy shop that has all different styles with something everyone can love. I'm the mother of two very amazing teenagers who love to keep me busy. I love to cook, especially baking, read and create crafty things in general. I am obsessed with music, art and addictive tv shows. I try and live each day as best I can, it is a blessing.
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2 Responses to Wine Charms, Rings, Earrings and… Shoes?

  1. justplainrob says:

    Too cool. By the way, I agree completely about The Mandarin. The “twist” gave me a chuckle but also made the comic geek inside of me cry a little.

    • we3creations says:

      I guess that’s the price we pay for getting to see our comics on the big screen? I will say tho, I am thoroughly excited that they are starting to make actually DECENT movies from comics, not the rubbish they had been making.

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